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Non Profit Preloved

Not for Profit Preloved

When items become no longer useful to their previous owner most get sold or passed down to others. But what about those items that have a little hole or other wear and tear? Most of these types of items get thrown out. You could donate them to a local charity, but even then, they may get discarded into landfills. Yes, our items will eventually compost, as they are natural fibers, but we'd like to help extend the life of many of these items with your help.



Send us those TK Clothing items you don't need anymore. (only TK Clothing items at this time, or other natural merino wool baby and kid items)
    • Include your email in the package
    • Please make sure they are freshly washed in scent free detergents
    • Fell free to send perfect used TK Clothing items too!
    • Send to:
    TK Clothing - PRELOVED
    10696 Derrick Rd
    North Saanich, BC  V8L 5M8  Canada
      ↠  We'll send you a shop credit to cover the most basic shipping costs (we will not cover the full cost of shipping if using an $$ method - please select the cheapest option available)
      ↠  We'll fix up those items, alter them, or recreate something out of them if at all possible
      ↠  We'll then post these items here for sale.


        The items listed here are items that have come to us already used by a little one, and looking for another little person to use them. They will have been fixed up, altered or adjusted in some ways to be made ready for another.
        The prices are to cover the cost of fixing/altering them, and shipping them back out - that is it. No profits are gained here. I am volunteering my time for this.

        All listed here are as is, and cannot be exchanged or refunded.

        These items can only be shipped to Canadian and US addresses.