Easter Egg Hunt Time Frame - April 7, 2023 8am PT - April 10, 2023 11:59pm PT


What is it?: A virtual Easter Egg Hunt!
A few "eggs" are hidden in our website on select pages. Find the eggs that have discount codes on them. Each egg code will be tied to a discount that can range from 15-35% off!!!  When ordering, use the discount code to see what discount you get!
⚠️ Watch out! ⚠️⤵
Egg Limits: Each egg code can only be used a set number of times during the event. (This is NOT per customer)
Egg codes will work until their limit is reached. If the code you found doesn't work anymore (and it is within the Egg Hunt Time Frame), it has been used by someone else. Try a different one. The higher discount codes go fast. 
Discounts you could find: 35%, 30%, 20%, 15%
Discounts apply to clothing - including sale items!! (excludes laundry care products)
Have Fun!



Just a quick note on the fun event. This is meant to be a fun event for the typical customer. We reserve the right to cancel any orders during this event. (preventing the sale of things like wholesale or community buys etc.)



My code doesn't work
Are you within the time frame? If so, the code limit has been reached, probably was a high discount which was limited. Try another code. 

Can I add to my discounted order?
Yes - but not at the discount you had. You can email me to add to your order at full price after the weekend, OR try another code for another order. I typically combine shipping where possible and refund the shipping overages if any. 

How many codes are there?
I am purposely going to be vague here - it is a fun event, and I don't want to spoil it! One discount code will be limitless. The others will have limits. If you don't find an egg that works, try to find another.