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Cloth Gift Wrapping

$12.00 CAD

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FREE Shipping in Canada & US over $150


Add a little flair and style to your gift by including this natural gift wrapping option! 

 - 100% Organic Cotton
 - Includes 1 square of gift wrap cloth - approx size 54cm x 54cm (21" x 21")
 - Can wrap around boxes instead of paper, or use it Furoshiki style
wash and reuse many more times - go green!


If your purchase is marked as a gift, and this cloth gift wrap was added to your order:

Your gift items will be wrapped up Furoshiki style in the gift wrap purchased.  Personalized gift messages will be printed on a small wooden gift tag, and attached to the gift.
If multiple gifts & wrap per order - please indicate in the order notes which gift wrap you'd like with which item(s). 

Go green, and add this to your gift!

Gift wrap can then be reused many many more times! Showing people that you care about the environment!

Please note, if outside of Canada, we are not responsible for any opened gifts due to customs checking. It is rare, but it can happen.