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Merino Wool Tank - Made to Order

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Made for all kids. Great as a tank top in the summer - or a great warm layer undershirt in the winter! Can even use it as part of a PJ top! Love merino wool!

Easy to machine wash and super quick to hang dry, you'll be wondering why you didn't try out merino sooner!


  • Carefully designed and handmade in our studio (North Saanich, BC) in limited quantities
  • Pure Light-Mid Weight (180-200gsm) merino wool for comfort and versatility
  • Knit fabric for good stretch, fit and comfort

~ Machine wash on Gentle/Wool cycle, or hand wash.
~ Hang to dry or tumble dry Air only (no heat)

If put in dryer with heat - expect about 5% shrinkage

Customer Reviews

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Versatile top

I love dressing my three boys in merino wool. When it’s cold, I have more peace of mind that they will be truly warm, as children don’t feel as cold as they are. A 1970s study showed that cold doesn’t cause colds but modern research shows that there are links between exposure to cold and immune suppression. I highly value keeping my children warm and in clothes that breathe and are flexible enough to play in. Yay merino! https://www.health.harvard.edu/staying-healthy/out-in-the-cold

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