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Organic Cotton Trainers 2pk - Made to Order

$39.00 CAD

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Just the ticket to get your little one potty training! 

Easy up and down, lined with Organic merino wool to catch small accidents when training. 
Fun cute designs with full coverage - great for getting your little one interested in training!


  • Carefully designed and handmade in our studio (Victoria, BC) in limited quantities
  • Comes with 2 trainers per package
  • Fun Print 95% Organic Cotton, 5% Spandex Outer
    • Grey Stripe is 100% Organic Cotton
  • Lined with a layer of felted organic merino wool (97% merino wool, 3% spandex 600gsm) in a coordinating colour to help with small accidents Why felted merino? read on - 
    • Easier Cleanup - there is a reason why we sell alot of felted merino as diaper liners.Most solids tend to peel off super easy.
    • More comfortable when wet - while that may seem like a bad thing when training - it really isn't - they know when they've gone regardless. 
    • More absorbent  - while it still won't hold flooding or anything of that nature - it does help save the pants better!
    • Dries Faster
  • Keep in mind - This is a trainer, so will help protect when they start then stop themselves right away, saving pants, but not if they keep going... 
  • Totally natural & breathable 
  • Elastic free - even better!

See Size Chart

~ Machine wash warm gentle cycle, or hand wash.

~ Hang to dry, or tumble dry low

If you tend to put these in the dryer with everything else, order a size up, as they will shrink a bit if put in the dryer on high heat....yes, I've done this.

For solid accidents - empty as much as you can before washing. Pop in the washer on a quick wash on cold before the normal wash routine. This helps prevent staining, and also so your other items are not being washed with questionable water. ;)

Due to the nature of these items, they are NOT returnable.


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