Getting the Most Out of Your Merino Wool Base Layer

Getting the Most Out of Your Merino Wool Base Layer

You've made the plunge and grabbed that base layer that everyone has talked about to keep your little warm....but other than using it under clothing when they have an outdoor day at school, or a ski trip every once in awhile, can you really get your money's worth? 

Short Answer:  Oh so totally YES

The Merino Base Layer Seasons

You may have heard the term layering, and know that the merino set you've bought is called a base layer, but did you know it is truly all season? Unlike that pair of shorts you grabbed for your little, wore for the summer, and then put into storage for the winter and hope it fits next year, the merino base layer is truly all season.

Lets go through it with some ideas


Fall & Spring

This is the time when you've most likely grabbed the base layer. Start of an outdoor preschool, or nature school perhaps, and they had it on the list. Maybe you've been planning a winter trip and want to be prepared. 

On Their Own - The tops make a great long sleeve top option in the fall. Remember getting out the long sleeves for school? Same idea here. But the neat thing about the long sleeve top - they can wear it for most of fall or spring as is. The range is much more adaptable than a normal cotton shirt. So it can be worn on it's own for most of the fall season, and when it starts getting more chilly - bam - it's now a base layer. This is the same with Spring, but in reverse. 

The same goes for the base layer leggings - good coverage for tick season! They make great tights under dresses, or shorts - and can even be worn on their own - though, tbh, they are thin, so if your kid is the rough and tumble kind - be prepared for holes and snags. 

Base Layer - A layer next to skin, that is thin enough to wear under the other clothes, and provides that extra warmth needed for the chillier days and nights. Temperature regulating, and wicks the sweat away (provided the layers over it are also breathable)

Pyjamas - And we can't forget the favourite part of these - PJs! We've had days go by when all they wear is the base layer set for sleep and play. Literally lived in for a few days....Great temperature regulation for night time, and they just don't get as hot or as cold in them compared to cotton PJs. Also - the bonus here is merino is a natural fiber that can breathe and has natural fire resistance properties - it doesn't hold a flame. Whereas, the cotton PJs have fire retardants applied to them - and can be absorbed by the skin. But please be aware - 100% merino is great for PJs, but we don't recommend the merino blends for this use - as they have not been fire rated.



Base Layer - Here your base layer set shines. Worn next to skin, with layers overtop as needed for the weather and activity. Go skiing, be active and know that the sweat wicking properties of merino are just awesome, so you don't have to feel all clammy!

Bonus - if your kiddo gets wet ( snow in the boots anyone?) they most likely will be happy still playing - as when merino is wet, it still keeps them warm. 

Pyjamas - Again - can be used as pjs! Though in our house, we do have it chillier - so we tend to move to the PJ sets as they are thicker. 



Ahhh, as we warm up, we take off layers, and you might think these get shelved? Not a chance. 

On Their Own - The tops and bottoms are long, yes, but they are also thin enough to wear in alot of summer places. The long sleeve is a great natural UV blocker. Typically 30+ UPF rating for merino wool. Yay! So windy beach days here we come!

Bonus - quick dry - we like our merino layers for flights, travel, and more because they are so quick to dry. If the kiddos spilled their drink on it, it'll dry pretty quick and you don't have to worry about them being in a soggy shirt the whole trip!


In summary, we like our Merino Layers for more than a base layer, and they can be worn as so much more than your baselayer. 

  • Camping Layers - bonus fire resistance!
  • Skiing and Winter sports Layers
  • Under a wetsuit for extra warmth and easier public changes
  • Under the soccer uniform on colder days
  • Pyjamas
  • Nature School layers
  • Summer sun beach tops
  • Travel outfits - quick dry and very small to pack
  • Spare clothes bag - super small to pack into a grab & go bag  - bonus is that the adjustable leggings can usually fit kids various sized kids  so if you have kids a couple years apart - you might get away with the same pair for both!
  • Emergency Bag - grab & go bag for emergencies. Less space taken up, and an all around layer!
  • Everyday wear
  • and more!


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