Frequently Asked Questions



How do I find what size to order?

In each listing, there is a link to a popup size chart for the item you are viewing. If we missed one - let us know!

Measurements shown are always of the garment. This gives you the most control to figure out how you want the garment to fit. Pro tip - measure your favourite top or leggings you currently have and compare to our measurements. It should give you a good indication of fit. (This works well for small children, as measuring them can be a challenge, but measuring their clothes can be done any time!)


What is the difference between "Made to Order" and "Custom"

See here the difference explained. 


The item I want to order says "Custom"

Items marked as "Custom" in the title are items that you customize. You choose the style and fabric, we make it up to order. The processing time, or time it'll take to get to make your item is shown on the listing near the add button. This is the time from when you order, to when it will ship unless otherwise noted. Please note that any customizable item is not refundable or returnable. 


Do you have any coupons?

Yes! When you first sign up for our newsletter, you'll get a welcome coupon for your next order. This is a one time only coupon. Throughout the year, there can be sales on select items, so it's best to sign up for our newsletter (and make sure it doesn't go to spam!) and follow us on IG and FB. You can also allow push notifications from your browser if you don't want to send us your email - this is the easiest and quickest way in general to get notified!


Can I use multiple codes or codes on sale items?

No. We do not allow stacked discounts or codes. We do not typically allow any additional discounts on sale items either (end of year sale is usually the only exception - and it is explicit).


Where can I find your products in stores?

As we are a family run home based business, we can only sell wholesale to a limited amount of small boutique stores. We do have a small selection of boutique stores that carry our products.  Ask your local small business!! 



What are your shipping policies / FAQ?

See Shipping for our policies on shipping and time frames. 


Do you offer local pickup?

Yes! Just choose the option during the checkout process. 



Is your merino wool washable in the machine?

Yes! We recommend washing in the machine on the gentle cycle, and a tumble dry low or no heat, or hang to dry. You'll be pleasantly surprised how quick merino wool dries! As it is a natural fiber, use gentle detergents that leave no residue. 
We also recommend our Laundry Care items that are PH balanced with no enzymes to eat away at the wool. 

For the ultimate care of your products, hand washing is best. But know that you can machine wash wool (and it won't turn out doll size either!) - this is not your grandmother's generation of wool!


Help! I can't figure out the cloth diaper stuff!

No worries, after a couple of kids, we are by no means an expert, but have had our share of the flood gate tummy sleeping kid, and the super easy to potty train kid. We recommend looking at our Merino Wool Diaper Cover Care page for more details. If you have any more questions about this, feel free to contact us!



Where is your merino wool fabric sourced?

We source our merino from a few different countries around the world. Currently we source from New Zealand (ZQ Merino & deadstock), Australia (direct mill), Europe (mostly Sweden), and US (direct mill). We always try to find the best offerings with sound ethical and environmental practices. 


What does it mean to be organic? Why is this important?

We use only GOTS Certified Organic Cotton fabric. This means from the growing to the fabric, the process is free of harmful substances among other things. There are Environmental Criteria, Technical Quality and Human Toxicity Criteria, and Social Criteria. See here for more details.
While we cannot say GOTS on the items we make from the GOTS fabric we buy, because we haven't the capacity yet to apply for a yearly inspected license, we do want you to know that we do use only the best fabrics out there. 




I'm a photographer - do you do collabs?

Yes! - Just email us, or contact us through social media. We are always on the look out for collabs.