GSM Versus Thickness

Are you puzzled by the discrepancy in thickness among clothing items with the same GSM rating? You're not alone. Let's delve into the intricacies of GSM (grams per square meter) and how it relates to warmth and fabric thickness.

GSM, or grams per square meter, denotes the weight of merino wool present in a fabric over a given area. Our merino wool fabric comes in various weaves and is all knit.

Same Thickness, Higher GSM

Consider your friendly neighborhood knitter as an analogy: when using thinner needles, the resulting garment is tighter and denser, with fewer open holes. Conversely, chunky needles create larger, more open stitches. If the same yarn is used for both, the thickness remains consistent, but the garment with chunky needles will have a lower GSM due to the increased spacing or holes, resulting in less yarn used over a given square meter.

Comparison of Knitting Density: Same yarn, same number of rows and stitches - top section knitted with thin needles, bottom section knitted with thick needles. Notice the denser texture of the upper section compared to the lower.

In the example above, both sections exhibit the same thickness. However, one section is noticeably denser than the other, leading to not only a higher GSM but also enhanced warmth. Typically - more dense fabric = more warmth

Thickness, to summarize, refers to the physical depth or bulkiness of the fabric. While thicker fabrics may seem warmer, it's important to note that thickness alone doesn't always correlate with warmth. The GSM measurement provides a more accurate indicator of the amount of wool present in the fabric per square meter. A higher GSM generally signifies a denser, warmer fabric, regardless of its thickness.

For parents - it is also worthy to note that a denser fabric is generally more durable. ❤️️



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    Astyork: April 03, 2024

    Your article comparing GSM versus thickness is incredibly informative! Clear explanations make it easy to understand. Thanks for shedding light on this important aspect of clothing

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