All about the Possum Fiber Socks

When we first saw and tried out possum socks - we were in a bit of a shock. How is it made? where did it come from? Is it ethical? Is it really that warm and light? Soo many questions. 

As we delved further into it, we knew we had to at least offer these limited edition socks to you. 

Yes, they are pricey. Yes, they are limited - read on to find out why!


The great benefits of Possum Fiber

Lightweight - thanks to the hollow core of this natural fiber, it is more lightweight than merino!

Soft - The fiber itself has a smooth surface, with no scaling, so as your feet slide into the socks - you can feel the difference already! 

Warm - thanks to the same hollow core that makes it lightweight - it also make it quite warm - in fact - it is arguably 3rd warmest on the planet. When blended with merino, it traps even more air, making it warmer and highly breathable!

Anti-pilling - Has no scales to cause friction on the fiber, it is smooth - so is naturally anti-pilling!

Ethically Obtained -  Possum Fiber recovery is one of the solutions to the pest control problem faced by New Zealand. and Read this letter we have from the New Zealand government as well

Limited - See above


In the end, we feel that this is a positive contribution to the eco-system in New Zealand, and a unique way for this country to tackle the issue. We love the feel and warmth of these socks, and are glad to help support New Zealand.