Sizing - Grownup Custom Shorts

GrownUp Shorts
All measurements are approximate
Size Waist (range) Hips (range)

Shorts Inseam


Shorts Inseam


XS / S 25” - 38" (64cm - 96cm) 32" - 48" (81cm - 122cm) 7” / 18cm 9” / 23cm
M / L 28” - 42" (71cm - 106cm) 36" - 54" (91cm - 137cm) 7” / 18cm 9” / 23cm
XL 31" - 45" (79cm - 114cm) 40" - 60" (102cm - 152cm) 7” / 18cm 9” / 23cm


General Notes when trying to figure out sizing and styles:

  • Waist & Hip measurements are a range from unstretched to stretched - you typically need to be stretched out a bit to stay on, and there is no elastic in the waist or the fabric - it is the type of fabric weave and the stretch at the waist which keep it up. I personally try to be somewhat in the middle to mid/high range of stretch for a comfy yet good stay on factor.
    • For Example - waist 37", hip 43" would work well for M/L. It would seem fitted throughout the waist/hip/thigh area- decent stay on power for most activities.
    • For those with troublesome balance between waist/hip ratios - I'd get the high waist style, as the folded down high waist can stay on hips well. 
  • If you feel you need a smaller waist - just let us know in the notes. Most of the fabrics have about a 40% stretch ratio
  • If you need a shorter shorts, just let us know in the notes. 
  • Longer shorts we can do, but it is an additional cost. - Best to use the cuff styles if possible to get the extra length needed. 
  • High Waist option is great for when layering to reduce gaps, also works well when folded over as an extra support area.