Custom Merino Wool Leggings - 195 - Grown Ups

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Base layer weight leggings you can customize!  

Need some breathable leggings for your run? Maybe you need something underneath your snow gear for the cross country ski adventure?

Wear them on their own with a long top or as a base layer for winter play. With great stretch of the knit fabric, these leggings are a gender neutral fit. 

  • Gender Neutral Fit
  • Yoga Style Waist (no elastic)

  100% ZQ Merino Wool

Size: XS / S

GrownUp Leggings
All measurements are approximate
Size Waist (range) Hips (range)

Long Inseam

Hemmed Finish

Long Inseam

Regular Cuff Finish

Long Inseam

Adjustable Cuff Finish

XS / S 25” - 38" (64cm - 96cm) 32" - 48" (81cm - 122cm) 32” / 81cm 34” / 86cm 38.5" / 98cm
M / L 28” - 42" (71cm - 106cm) 36" - 54" (91cm - 137cm) 32” / 81cm 34” / 86cm 38.5" / 98cm
XL 31" - 45" (79cm - 114cm) 40" - 60" (102cm - 152cm) 32” / 81cm 34” / 86cm 38.5" / 98cm


General Notes when trying to figure out sizing and styles:

  • Leg opening at ankles and cuffs is approx. 10" 
  • Waist & Hip measurements are a range from unstretched to stretched - you typically need to be stretched out a bit to stay on, and there is no elastic in the waist or the fabric - it is the type of fabric weave and the stretch at the waist which keep it up. I personally try to be somewhat in the middle to mid/high range of stretch for a comfy yet good stay on factor.
    • For Example - waist 37", hip 43" would work well for M/L. It would seem fitted throughout the waist/hip/thigh area- decent stay on power for most activities.
    • For those with troublesome balance between waist/hip ratios - I'd get the high waist style, as the folded down high waist can stay on hips well. 
  • If you feel you need a smaller waist - just let us know in the notes. Most of the fabrics have about a 50% stretch ratio
  • If you need a shorter legging, just let us know in the notes. 
  • Longer legs we can do, but it is an additional cost. - Best to use the cuff styles if possible to get the extra length needed. 
  • High Waist option is great for when layering to reduce gaps, also works well when folded over as an extra support area. 

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Hand Crafted in North Saanich, BC
Machine Wash Warm Gentle, Hang Dry

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Design Dream

These are amazing! The high waist and adjustable cuffs are a comfort dream. I was worried they might fall down during activity, but they stay put with maximum comfort. Couldn't be happier.

Great leggings, just a little long

Great quality leggings. These leggings have very long legs, even in the XS/S size. Maybe that’s the style? I dunno. Seems comically long but you can’t tell when you’re wearing them.

Alaina Kobylarczyk

I am so happy I finally ordered these leggings! I have base layers from TK Clothing for both of my kids, and they work wonders in the colder months for hiking or playing. I tend to live in clothes I can move around with my kids in, and I’ve been looking at these for two years because of the quality of the other pieces my kids have. These fit amazing, they’re warm but light. They are warm and thin, and the weight of the fabric is listed so they were exactly what I expected. I requested the two inch cuff, and mine look a bit like a closer fitting jogger—which is perfect! Absolutely happy with these and so glad I finally splurged on my own pair!!!