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Felted Organic Merino Wool Diaper Liners

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Felted Organic Merino Wool Diaper Liners

The beauty of using a merino wool liner, is the versatility of it! Wool absorbs alot, and when wet, it also feels dry next to skin. Extremely soft, thin, and breathable natural organic wool diaper liners. 

-- As a stay dry layer --
Place next to skin.
Wool naturally moves moisture away from skin, so when used as a stay dry layer, it works to move urine to your absorbing fabrics. Another cool property of wool that is great for this use - wool still is great at regulating temperature, even when wet!
Bonus: solids come off soo much easier with these!

-- As an extra Absorbent Layer --
Place just inside the cover, after any other absorbing fabric.
This is such a wonder liner. It helps ANY type of cover with absorption. Using PUL covers?
This helps absorb and stop leaks from when PUL fails (nighttime anyone? compression leaks?) Helps wool covers too!

Designed and Sewn in Victoria, BC Canada


  • Handmade - Each item is hand cut and sewn by me
  • 11" x 5", Pack of 2
  • 97% Organic Merino Wool, 3% Spandex (approx 600gsm)
  • Felted 

Handwash in luke warm/cold only. Avoid temperature 'shock'. Roll in a towel to dry, the lie flat.
DO NOT Lanolize if using next to skin

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Merino Wool diaper liners