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Felted Organic Merino Wool Diaper Covers

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UPDATED - Aug 2020 - see below

These covers make you fall in love with merino wool. Soft, supple and cozy on they work very hard keeping baby dry on the outside. So easy to simply air dry a wet cover, and reuse once dry, over and over again! 
Easy to move in, and thin enough to be less bulky than other wool covers - even with the extra liner sewn in! The added spandex gives it just that extra added amount of spring back you'll need when reusing it over and over again before washing.

I love the breathable aspect of merino wool diaper covers so baby's skin can still breathe, and clothing and bedding stay dry. Pair it up with our merino wool diaper liners for even more protection, and a natural stay dry layer against baby's skin.


  • Carefully designed and handmade in our studio (North Saanich, BC) in limited quantities
  • Hand Dyed using metal free dyes - will be some variance
  • Dual Tone covers are individually hand dyed, there will be variance
  • 97% Organic Merino Wool, 3% Spandex (approx 600gsm)
  • Felted 
  • Extra liner layer sewn into the wetzone (approx 600gsm)
  • Higher rise than normal to help fit longer.

UPDATES - August 2020

  • Color that says UPDATED - Waist and Leg cuffs are 100% Organic Merino Wool (300gsm) Interlock knit - non felted . We updated it to be super soft on baby's tummy and legs while still maintaining the same great protection!
  • Color of waist and leg opening may differ slightly than main, as it is a different fabric

Handwash in luke warm/cold only. Avoid temperature 'shock'. Roll in a towel to dry, the lie flat. Lanolize before first use and when needed.

See our Merino Wool Diaper Cover Care page for more FAQ

I'm also available, if you ever have any questions. I've had both the 'floodgate' baby, and the nice well spaced out timing wise baby in terms of amounts of output that babies make. Trust me - you'll know if you have the floodgate type, as you go crazy trying to find solutions to it!


See our size charts. 
**Note on sizing - These come with a higher rise than you maybe used to in a typical cover. This makes it more adaptable in the first year, as you can roll down the waist. As they grow, the bottom fills out and the waist drops down.
Sizing is also based on an average amount of stuffing. I recommend sizing up for nighttime solutions when at the higher end of the weight range. As babies grow, they get leaner into toddler hood and potty training, so Large size is usually all you need once you get there. 

Colours can vary from pictures due to different dye lots, as we small batch hand felt & dye in house.

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