The Benefits of Our Adjustable Clothing for Kids

The Benefits of Our Adjustable Clothing for Kids



Kids grow so fast. Each of them at their own rate, and you can't seem to predict when that growth spurt will happen. Here at TK Clothing, we understand this and make most of our clothing so it can fit a wider size range. 



Example: Adjustable Leggings


  • One pair versus many for same size range (our Medium 9m-3T is like having 4 other brand sizes in one!)
  • Cheaper in terms of money and environment when taking account 1 pair versus many
  • If you have multiple kids, you may find the same pair can fit them both depending on age, which cuts down on the spare clothes bag!
  • Gift giving just got easier - was it 9m or 12m now? - with our adjustable leggings - it is just the Medium

Our adjustable leggings fit a really good range of sizes. You roll the cuffs up as much as you need to based on their leg length, and as they grow, just unroll it as needed. The waist is the same way. So easy.



Example: Dungarees & Rompers

They may not seem like they are adjustable, but these cool little dungarees and rompers can last awhile when buying a bit bigger at first. 

The photos above are the same girl, taken a year apart. Last summer she wore these rompers all over the place, we just crossed the back straps to fit her better. This summer, she was again all over the place, but now wearing them as is. Next year we still might get away with it again by adding the romper extenders! 3 possible summers!

  • Fit big - Cross the back straps
  • Fit right - wear as is
  • Fit small - wear with added shoulder extenders (add ~8cm to torso length!) 


Saving the Environment

We want to extend the life of our products even more. Did you know we have a preloved program? Give us back our clothing that you no longer use, doesn't matter how worn (just make sure it is clean!!) We'll fix it up and post it online for free. Yes, that's right - free - so another kid can then enjoy, and we all feel better by reusing and saving the environment one more little step!


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