Winter Outside Play

Winter Outside Play


This time of year, it is hard to get motivated to get outside and play. It is cold, wet, snowy, muddy, and windy. But getting outside with the kids usually helps everyone's sanity.

Yes, it is hard to get them motivated to get dressed and out the door. Yes, you'll probably spend more time trying to get them ready than actually being outside. Yes, they'll probably even whine the first few minutes of being outside, asking why why why (especially if you've been cooped up for awhile). But once there, it gets easier.

Pop them into a carrier or a stroller if you can and go for a walk. I find I need a destination for walks for some reason. So we go get the mail, or go get a treat and a coffee for mummy (me!) at the store. It takes around 45min to get to the store.... but we get out, and talk to each other, explore, and at the end, we get a treat :)

Backyard or park play is also great in any weather. This time of year, merino wool layers are the key. We layer in our merino wool base sets, leggings, top & hoodies, hats & mitts. We then pop a waterproof layer over and some insulated mud boots, and we are good to go. When they work up a sweat playing, the merino wicks the wetness away keeping them warm and feeling dry. (I love that merino wool doesn't smell like sweat either after hard playing!)

Let them bake you a mud pie in a mud kitchen (get some old pot and stainless steel bowl to start) swing on a swing, grab a stick and explore nature, turn over rocks at a beach and see what is there. Whatever activity you choose to do, #getoutsideandplay You may even find they'll now want to stay outside!


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