Winter Testing...

Winter Testing...

Our winters are mild compared to the rest of Canada, but we still do get to see snow! Our product testers TK and EK were out fully testing the bounds of our organic merino wool hats and mitts this past snow dump.

When the snow hit, we ended up with just over 1/2 meter of it in a place that maybe only sees a few cm at best. This stopped the city. No school, no preschool, no daycare (except for essential service personnel), no mail, no garbage pickup, etc.  We had a few power outages throughout the week too!

The kids went out to play. TK was out for 5 hours straight the first day just playing. Mostly crashing snow, making snow forts, and sled riding.

EK was out in the morning before nap enjoying the sled rides, and just exploring the snow. Yes, the bunny goes everywhere.


So after hours of snow play, the testing was complete. The gloves were wet from the snow, and their hands and heads were warm. This just reaffirmed for me how much I love merino wool - even when wet it works to keep you warm!


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